Thursday, 09 June 2011

Nixi's chix pix - how it all began

A while back, I painted a scene of a woman in a fisherman's cottage, looking out the door. I painted a rooster on the steps ... and this rooster started me on my current path.

Colleen, my sweet mother-in-law, nagged me until I gave her the picture for her birthday. She hung it in her apartment and apparently it was a great hit with her friends. She asked me to paint another rooster for one of her friends who oved the painting, which I did. I felt sorry for the poor lonely rooster, so I painted a hen on a separate canvas. The friend loved it.

After a few months, the friend phoned me and said that HER friends love my chickens, and if I still painted chickens. Well, I never actually and intentionally painted chickens, so I thought that it might be a way to earn a little pocket money.

So I painted four ...

Then I got bored.

Although it took me ages to get it "just right", I felt ... well ... a chicken is a chicken is a chicken. It is sort of crafty, rather than arty, me thinks.

However, in the process, I looked at masses of chix pix on the internet. Some of them struck me as appearing kind of human. I could just picture the chickens strolling down Rue St Dominique in Paris, sightseeing, while others simply did whatever ordinary chix ... uh ... people would do. Maybe they would be enjoy something to peck at Le Recrutement Cafe, or just went their own merry way ...

So I painted it.

It took a lot of research and a lot of time, but I think I nailed it. It surely is not "mere craft", but mostly, it still makes me smile!

THAT is what I like!

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